Bora Komorowskiego 39


Vietnamese soup11,50 zł
Spicy-sour soup12,50 zł
Crab soup12,50 zł
Fish soup12,50 zł
Won-Ton soup12,50 zł
Shrimp soup14,50 zł
Big bowl of beef soup18,50 zł
Big bowl of pork soup18,50 zł
Big bowl of chicken soup18,50 zł
Spring rolls3 szt14,00 zł
Vegetarian Spring rolls6 szt15,50 zł
Battered crab sticks3 szt14,00 zł
Xiu Mai dumplings5 szt18,00 zł
Vietnamese-style chicken on hot plate33,50 zł
Coconut crusted chicken32,00 zł
Gong-Bao chicken32,00 zł
Chicken with bamboo & mushrooms32,50 zł
Chicken with vegetables32,00 zł
Chicken in sweet-sour sauce32,00 zł
Chicken in curry sauce32,00 zł
Chicken in spicy sauce32,00 zł
Chicken in five-flavour sauce32,00 zł
Garlic chicken beasts on hot plate33,00 zł
Crispy breaded chicken breasts32,00 zł
Chicken stew with mushrooms32,00 zł
Double-fried chicken in sweet-sour sauce32,00 zł
Crispy Thai-style chicken breasts on hot plate32,50 zł
Chicken with mushrooms32,00 zł
Chicken with broccoli & garlic32,00 zł
Chicken in wine sauce 32,00 zł
Thai-style chicken32,00 zł
Chicken with bean sprouts32,00 zł
Sechuan-style chicken32,00 zł
Duck in spicy sauce41,00 zł
Duck in sweet-sour sauce41,00 zł
Duck with pineapple & onion41,00 zł
Duck with bamboo & mushrooms41,00 zł
Vietnamese-style pork on hot plate33,00 zł
Sechuan-style pork32,50 zł
Pork in spicy sauce32,50 zł
Pork in sweet-sour sauce32,50 zł
Pork in curry sauce32,50 zł
Pork with bamboo & mushrooms32,50 zł
Pork with vegetables32,50 zł
Double-fried pork32,50 zł
Pork with pineapple & onion32,50 zł
Pork with broccoli & garlic32,50 zł
Thai-style pork32,50 zł
Pork with bean sprouts32,50 zł
Chinese-style spare ribs36,50 zł
Spare ribs in sweet-sour sauce36,50 zł
Spare ribs on hot plate36,50 zł
Beef with pineapple & onion36,50 zł
Beef with broccoli & garlic36,50 zł
Sechuan-style beef36,50 zł
Beef in curry sauce36,50 zł
Beef with bamboo & mushrooms36,50 zł
Beef with vegetables36,50 zł
Beef in spicy sauce36,50 zł
Beef in wine sauce36,50 zł
Thai-style beef36,50 zł
Beef with garlic on hot plate38,00 zł
Beef with bean sprouts36,50 zł
Fish with vegetables31,50 zł
Fish in spicy sauce31,50 zł
Fish in curry sauce31,50 zł
Fish in sweet-sour sauce31,50 zł
Sechuan-style fish31,50 zł
Fish on hot plate32,00 zł
Thai-style fish31,50 zł
Garlic butter salmon on hot plate49,00 zł
Salmon with vegetables 48,00 zł
Salmon in curry sauce48,00 zł
Salmon in sweet-sour sauce48,00 zł
Sechuan-style salmon48,00 zł
Thai-style salmon48,00 zł
Salomon in spicy sauce48,00 zł
Squid with vegetables39,50 zł
Squid in sweet-sour sauce39,50 zł
Crispy squid40,00 zł
Squid in spicy sauce39,50 zł
Butter fried shrimps51,00 zł
Shrimps in sweet-sour sauce51,00 zł
Sesame crusted shrimps51,00 zł
Broccoli with garlic29,50 zł
Fried vegetables29,00 zł
Vegetables in sweet-sour sauce29,00 zł
Bamboo with mushrooms29,50 zł
Tofu with vegetables31,50 zł
Tofu in sweet-sour sauce31,50 zł
Tofu with mushrooms & broccoli31,50 zł
Chinese-style fried rice32,00 zł
Fried rice with chicken & vegetables31,00 zł
Fried rice with prawns & vegetables33,00 zł
Fried rice with pork & vegetables31,00 zł
Fried rice with egg & vegetables30,00 zł
Chinese noodles with chicken & vegetables31,00 zł
Chinese noodles with pork & vegetables31,00 zł
Chinese-style noodles32,00 zł
Chinese noodles with vegetables30,00 zł
Cellophane noodles with seafood36,00 zł
Cellophane noodles with chicken32,50 zł
Pineapple fritters2 szt.12,00 zł
Banana fritters2 szt.12,00 zł
White cabbage salad 7,50 zł
Soya bean salad9,00 zł
Chinese cabbage salad9,00 zł
Bambo & mun mushrooms salad10,00 zł
White rice7,00 zł
Chips/French fries10,50 zł
Cellophane noodles9,50 zł
Chips in exchange for rice+ 7,50 zł
Cellophane noodles in exchange for rice+ 6,50 zł
Bean sprouts salad in exchange for white cabbage salad+ 7,00 zł
Chinese cabbage salad in exchange for whithe cabbage salad+ 7,00 zł
Bambo & mun mushrooms salad in exchange for white cabbage salad+8,00 zł
Espresso8,00 zł
White coffee9,00 zł
Black coffee9,00 zł
Latte12,00 zł
Earl Grey Tea8,00 zł
Tea with lemon8,00 zł
Ginseng10,00 zł
Green-jasmine tea – teapot10,00 zł
Green tea – teapot10,00 zł
Red tea – teapot10,00 zł
White tea – teapot11,00 zł
Coca Cola, Coca Cola Zero0,25 l7,00 zł
Fanta, Sprite, Kinley0,25 l7,00 zł
Fuzetea0,5 l9,00 zł
Juices: orange, grapefruit, tomato, black currant, apple, multivitamin0,25 l7,00 zł
Mineral water (carbonated)0,33 l; 0,5 l6,50 zł; 10,00 zł
Mineral water (non-carbonated)0,33 l; 0,5 l6,50 zł; 10,00 zł
Burn0,25 l9,50 zł

Bottled beer

Tyskie, Żywiec

0,5 l10,00 zł

Non-alcoholic beer – bottled

0,33 l8,00 zł

Beer syrup

 1,00 zł

Delivery areas

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ul. Bora Komorowskiego 39, Kraków
(the bar is located in the building of the BP petrol station)
Monday–Sunday 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

Tel.: +48 12 645 73 18


Ordering hours – everyday from 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM

Please check the minimum order value and the delivery areas on the map.

Please contact us if you wish to receive a VAT invoice.

A delivery driver has 30 zł/PLN to give change – please consider this when paying in cash.